About Us

What do we want to do? Let's start with a quote (by Bill Phillips):

"The difference between who you are and who you want to be, is what you do.

We like to see a world everyone is getting good education and is getting chance to learn whatever they want in best possible manner. We understand where our world stands right now and where we want it to be. All that is left is to figure out what to do and doing it. We are trying to do our part with this platform in changing the learning system and take it into direction we would want it to move.

We believe in "Mastery of Concept" (Credits: Mr. Sal Khan, Khan Academy) and we would like to build a technology platform which can bring best instructors to help everyone master the concepts through adaptive learning. When you master concepts you want to with the help technology and best instructors and become "Best YOU", what else would stop you from getting to the top of your career and life. We named our platform as GTCUBE - GT3 - Get To The Top for the very same reason and we are confident of achieving that as well.

Who are we? We are a group of passionate people who are excited towards working on our goals. Our individual goals might differ, but all of us together will work towards fulfilling the bigger goal of GTCUBE - Help the world master the concepts and Get To The Top in their careers and lives. We do have degree from prestigious institutes of India like IIMs, BITS PILANI, IITs etc. and experience of working in education and technology space as well.